ZEN applies for grant for Electric Vehicle expo

Monday, 02 Oct 2017


ZEN recently submitted a grant proposal to the Noosa Council to hold an Electric Vehicle Expo.  Here are some highlights from the application.
This project promotes innovative and/or sustainable transport choices by the Noosa community. An Electric Vehicle Expo will showcase cutting edge electric transport technology with trial ride opportunities. In addition, cycling workshops will target particular demographic groups to increase cycling participation.
The project has two components. First, an Electric Vehicle Expo will be held at the Aussie Rules grounds, Weyba Road, Noosaville on Saturday 3 February. Suppliers of electric vehicles from cars, buses, scooters, boats and bikes will be invited to exhibit and desirably provide opportunities for event attendees to trial their products. The site has been chosen to allow safe off road opportunities for this to occur.
Second, three separate cycling workshops will be scheduled in March, April and May, with particular themes chosen to target recognised barriers to cycling participation.
They will be delivered by skilled and qualified instructors with their own public liability insurance. Workshops will be 1) Cycle skills and maintenance, 2) a women’s cycling workshop, and 3) a community ride,
Our proposed initiatives have been chosen to deliver on key outcomes and principles contained in Council’s Social Strategy, Transport Strategy and draft Sport and Active Recreation Strategy.
Council’s Social Strategy states that it will “Advocate for and encourage low-cost, sustainable community initiatives that promote healthy lifestyle choices across the Shire”
Noosa’s Transport Strategy contains the following key Principle and Outcomes. A Key Principle is “ Design for, encourage and facilitate transport options that reduce the emissions produced by our community” and Desirable Outcomes include:
.• Residents and workers of Noosa Shire are able to go about their everyday business without having to be reliant on private vehicles.
• There has been a change in behaviour by people in Noosa with a reduction in the number choosing to drive and park cars in congested coastal areas.
• Transport initiatives result in significantly reduced greenhouse gas emissions.
Key principles in the draft Sport and Active Recreation Strategy include:
Principle 1 – Participation: Noosa’s priority is to provide for grass roots participation in a wide variety of sport and active recreation activities.;
Principle 3 – Choice: Residents have choice over the activities they participate in and who provides those activities to them.
Principle 5 – Environmentally Responsible: All providers of sport and active recreation facilities aim to achieve best practice use of natural resources and technologies to minimise the impact on our environment.
The draft Strategy also noted that the nature of physical activity is changing nationally, with a key trend being that people are looking for unstructured sporting opportunities to fit into their busy lifestyles. Cycling confidence would provide that opportunity.
As a community with an ageing population, it is also relevant to note that “Low rates of physical activity and poor access to recreational facilities are identified risk factors for seven of the nine NHPAs (all except cancer control and asthma).
The Commonwealth Government identifies National Health Priority Areas (NHPAs) which significantly contribute to the burden of disease, are largely preventable (and/or manageable), contribute significant cost to individuals and communities, and have the potential for a range of strategies that can be implemented to improve health in these areas. The relevant NHPAs are:
• Obesity
• Cardiovascular health
• Mental health
• Injury prevention and control
• Arthritis and musculoskeletal conditions
• Diabetes mellitus
• Dementia
We are confident that the activities proposed will make a valuable contribution towards realising the outcomes identified in Council's Social Strategy, Transport Strategy and draft Sport and Active Recreation Plan.


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