ZEN Grant Applications to Noosa Biosphere Big Ideas

Sunday, 17 Sep 2017

Zero Emissions Noosa has submitted two grant applications to the Noosa Biosphere Big Ideas grant round
-  http://noosabiosphere.org.au/grants/

You can read the first one here - Grant Application - Noosa Biosphere - Roadmap to achieving 100% Renewable Energy for Noosa Biosphere 

The project will identify the most efficient and cheapest mix of renewable energy and energy efficiency measures needed to eliminate all carbon dioxide emissions arising from electricity consumption in the Noosa Shire by 2026.
Consumption of grid electricity causes 69% of Noosa’s carbon dioxide emissions. Reducing these emissions to zero complements Noosa Council’s internal Zero Emission Strategy and supports NBRF’s specific objective of “progressing towards ZEN.”
The project will identify and rank possible mixes of renewable electricity generation and energy efficiency measures to achieve the goal. It will identify actions to drive uptake of renewable energy based on the consultant’s experience and from community consultation.
We will model scenarios of technology choices to quantify their effect on the electricity network and the goal of zero emissions.
The project will provide focus for community engagement during the project and beyond, building upon methods used successfully in similar local areas.
It will inspire local people and especially businesses to invest in renewable energy, energy efficiency, and innovative local commercial activity.
It will support the ZEN Inc initiative of a community of local renewable energy businesses to capture an estimated $100M of local projects needed to achieve zero emissions by 2026. It will enable partnering with Energex/Energy Queensland in the transition to a system of 100% clean electricity.

And the second one here - Grant Application - Noosa Biosphere - Communication and Implementation Strategy

ZEN is adopting a two stage approach to achieving its goal of zero emissions by 2026.
The first stage (Module 1)has been separately applied for, and will develop a road map of
implementation priorities based on modelling the most efficient and effective pathways to deliver
on our zero emission reduction goal.
The aim of this stage (Module 2) is intended to commence implementation of the recommended
strategies from Module 1 to achieve that goal. Our initial calculations are that the renewable
energy investment to 2026 may be in the order of $100M in employment and innovation. To
achieve this, our objectives are:
First, to engage with residents, community organisations and businesses in cost-effective
strategies to deliver 100MW of renewable energy by 2026.
Second, to work in partnership with a virtual cluster of renewable energy businesses to assist
residents and businesses in their decision-making processes;
Third, to build a strong partnership with Noosa Council, Energex, universities and the State
Government to facilitate research, innovation and employment around all aspects of energy supply
and demand, focusing particularly on demand management and opportunities for virtual power
plant initiatives within the shire.

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