Working Groups

ZEN is developing its plans for action through the active participation of community volunteers on two separate working groups looking at actions that can be undertaken within the community to reduce electricity consumption and transport emissions.  They meet regularly and new participants are always welcome. If you have a great idea, we would love to hear it!  Just email us to find out more or get involved.


With 69% of Noosa's community emissions coming from electricity consumption, this is obviously a major area of focus.  The ZENe working group are currently exploring:

  • a community owned solar farm
  • a Noosa community-owned electricity retailer company 
  • exploration of ways to encourage greater solar take up in the industrial estate and tourism accommodation areas
  • encouragement and support for community organisations with buildings to install solar
  • potential to increase embedded networks in strata properties to minimise daily charges and free up funds for solar installation.

Find out more about the electricity subgroup, affectionately know as "Electric ZEN" at


At least 30% of Noosa's emissions are attributable to vehicles, and this is likely to be a significant under-estimate as it does not include visitor vehicles.

The Noosa Council has recently adopted a Transport Strategy to 2027 which includes a focus on reducing vehicle greenhouse gas emissions.  However the ZEN Transport Action Group (ZENTAG) are keen to accelerate this process whenever and wherever they can.  Key actions for 2017-2018 include:

  • Promoting national Ride2Work Day on 18 October
  • Calling for community identification of bicycle black spots
  • Community bike rides to promote safe cycle pathway networks
  • An electric vehicle expo (EVE) in early 2018 
Follow the Transport Group's main activity the Electric Vehicle Expo website -
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